We offer our clients a custom synthesis service using procedures provided by the client or optimized by our team, in quantities ranging from mg to kg. In collaboration with our clients, we also design synthetic routes and resynthesis plans, detecting and synthesizing the key intermediates in SAR at large quantities for a permanent stock (Advancing Intermediate Strategy.)

Synthelia Organics offers in Discovery and Medicinal Chemistry the following services both in a fee for service (FFS; per compound) and FTE model:
• Custom Synthesis (>95% purity, from mg to kg scale).
• Synthesis of designed compounds for SAR studies.
• Building blocks & scaffolds.
• Key and advanced intermediates.
• Synthetic route design, evaluation and scouting.
• SAR compound resynthesis.


A typical workflow for a project in which Synthelia is involved in consists of:

– Evaluation: Based on the Synthelia experience and the literature, several routes are proposed with the aim of studying the feasibility of the project.

– Screening: After a reasonable time of experimental work, Synthelia offers an overall picture of the possibilities to run a certain route or reaction.

– Execution: Multiple product synthesis is carried out in parallel with the aim of speeding up the delivery of final compounds in the shortest possible time.

– Analyzing: According to the requirements of our clients, final compounds are analyzed by NMR, HPLC, MS, GC, IR, elemental analysis, DSC, or any other technique that the client considers appropriate. These analyses are collected in the certificates of analysis (CoA) which are sent to the clients with the compounds.

– Reporting: A detailed report is prepared for all the projects that are carried out at Synthelia and provided to the client. They contain full experimental procedures of the final compounds, pathways explored, detailed explanations of key steps that can be tricky or susceptible for improvement, alternative approaches that can circumvent complicated or expensive routes, steps, reagents, etc., in short all the information needed to successfully complete the project.


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