We offer to our clients a complete synthesis program from the first milligram batches, where we study and test potential routes, scalability, complicate steps, impurities, safety and economical concerns, greener reactions, etc., to pre-clinical batches at multikilogram scale with the highest possible yield and purity. Our motivated, proactive, and experienced team will constantly suggest the most innovative and creative synthetic routes. During the whole project, we maintain constant communication with the client informing them about achieved improvements and provide written updates and final campaign or research summary reports. All the IP generated during the study belongs to the client and for that reason, we will work under a Confidential Disclosure Agreement.


Among the activities related to the route scouting and process chemistry, Synthelia Organics offers:
• Development of new synthetic routes for target molecules.

  • Route Validations: providing our clients different batches.
  • Optimization of difficult reaction steps from an existing route.
  • Isolation and structural determination of impurities.
  • API supply: in collaboration with our partner in a GMP pilot plant.
  • Comprehensive quotation both in full time equivalent (FTE) or in fee for service (FFS) model.
  • State of the art facility with ready access to kilo labs that allow manufacture up to multi kg scale.
  • Identification of the key points in a route to improve it both economically and robustly.


A typical workflow for a project in which Synthelia is involved in consist of:

– Evaluation: Based on the Synthelia experience and the literature, several routes are proposed with the aim of studying the feasibility of the project.

– Screening: In reasonable time of experimental work, Synthelia offers an overall picture of the possibilities to run a certain route or reaction.

– Optimization: If the client is interested in performing the reaction in a larger scale, Synthelia will optimize all parameters to reach the maximum yield and purity at the lowest possible cost.

– Piloting: Once all the parameters and the costs are determined, Synthelia will perform reactions to check the robustness of the method at different scales, from hundreds of grams to several kilograms; the client will evaluate the quality and decides whether to proceed.

– Validation: Several semi production runs will be carried out to validate the consistency of the process.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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