Synthelia is specialist in Custom Synthesis, providing you with support during your Medicinal Chemistry processes:

  • Synthesis of standards with high purity for biological models.
  • Support in the synthesis of compounds to speed up the SAR.
  • Close monitoring of the project to identify possible common key intermediates.
  • Rapid scale up to deliver the product needed for preclinical assays.

Collaborative models: 

To meet clients’ needs for custom synthesis, we suggest an FTE (full-time employee) collaboration at our facilities.

Our facilities include:

More than 500 m² dedicated to R&D

15 Fume hoods

Carousels for parallel synthesis

H-Cube® reactor

Ozone generator

Biotage automated chromatography system for purification

Preparative HPLC

0.5 L pressure vessel

Full access to SciFinder® database


Move your project from medicinal chemistry to process chemistry with the aid of Synthelia:

  • Design, evaluation, and development of novel synthetic routes.
  • Efficiently, green, and safely route scouting during transfer to pilot plant.
  • Scale up of lead compounds to support toxicity assays.
  • Synthesis of Registered Starting Materials (RSM) for APIs preparation.
  • Integral transfer of technology and knowledge to the client.
  • As manufacturers of RSM, we comply with the quality standards of our clients according to their audits.

To support all these activities, we have a Quality Department in charge of developing all the documentation you may need for the validation of your process, assuring compliance with specifications under a GMP perspective.

Our Facilities with the following capabilities are:

More than 200 m² dedicated to production in two separate pilot plants

More than 100 m² of laboratory with 4 walking fume hoods

Total reactor volume 1 m³

Stainless steel reactors up to 200 L

5 L Pressure reactor up to 60 bar

Operational temperature ranges: -90 °C to 250 °C

Stainless steel and Glass Nutsche Filter up to 150 L

Rotary evaporators up to 100 L

Preparative HPLC for purification

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