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mg to 10 g
  • Lead generation & optimisation

  • SAR

  • Intermediate preparation

  • Custom synthesis

  • Reference standards


10 g to 1 kg
  • Candidate selection
  • Route scouting & optimisation
  • No GMP production
  • Tox studies support


1 kg to 100 kg
  • Registered starting material preparation for APIs
  • Quality assurance

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We are in Madrid

In 2022 we inaugurated the new facilities with more than 1700 m² distributed between R&D laboratories, pilot plant, production, quality and analytical.

Professional team

The management team has a wealth of experience gained from several of the world’s top pharma companies in their more than 20 years of R&D experience.


Experts in custom synthesis, development and optimization of new routes, scaling up preclinical compounds and production of registered starting materials.

Flow Chemistry

We offer synthesis service in flow reactors, as well as design, manufacture and installation of flow equipment at our clients’ facilities.

Flexible Collaborative models

The most common types of collaborations are FFS (Fee-for-service) or FTE (full-time employee), although we will be delighted to customise to your needs.

Our clients

We have extensive experience in the international market with clients from biotech, pharma, and other companies that have chemistry as the center of their activity.

Our History

Since 2011 Synthelia Organics has been committed to providing synthetic solutions to our customers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry from research and development to manufacturing. In 2022 we inaugurated the new facilities with more than 1700 m² distributed between R&D laboratories, pilot plant, production, quality and analytical.


Synthelia was Founded

• Synthelia Organics SL was founded in August with the aim of providing support to pharmaceutical companies.​

• Activities began in December at the facilities of the Madrid Science Park.


Reactor Launched

• We launched the first flow reactor with our own design​.


Pilot Plant

• Expansion of facilities with the assembly of pilot plant.

• Design, manufacture and installation of the first two flow reactors for production with a 10 L capacity, up to 320 °C and 80 bar of pressure.


Laboratory Expansion

• New expansion with a laboratory fully dedicated to medicinal chemistry.​


IMDEA Collaboration

• Through collaboration with IMDEA nanociencia, we began to develop the synthesis of AuNP with a methodology that allows its modification with oligomers, siRNAs or molecules with biological activity.


Flow Chemistry

• Publishing a chapter included in the book Flow Chemistry: Integrated Approaches for Practical Applications.


COVID-19 Detection

• Development of a AuNP-based COVID-19 detection test.​


New Facilities

• Move out to the new facilities with 500 m² of laboratories, 200 m² of pilot plant and 1500 m² for the future production plant.​

Our Team

• Research team composed of 38% PhD, 62% MsC., 40% female and 60% male with extensive knowledge acquired in custom synthesis, route optimization and development of safety processes.

• Experience acquired as part of the R&D teams of companies such as Lilly, Novartis, GSK, Janssen, Roche…

• In continuous training driven by personalised professional development plans.

• Staff trained for mg to multikilo synthesis.

• Experienced in handling potentially hazardous reactions, pressure reactions…

• Expertise in the use of synthesis tools such as flow reactors.

Our values


We generate trust and closeness through fluid communication, with a transparent delivery of the product or process as agreed and, of course, with absolute confidentiality.


We like a challenge. We are motivated to contribute with creativity during the design and development of synthetic routes that solve the challenges that appear in your project.


We share the results with you in real time. We are very proactive, collaborating in decision making as you need it.


Focused and committed to quality through a quality management system aligned with a GMP culture throughout the process and especially in the production phase.


In R&D environments change is continuous, so we focus on being dynamic and adapting to the changing priorities of your project.

Creating value with sustainability

Our commitment pushes us to invest in flow chemistry as a tool for the future.

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